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Academic Standing

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A grade-point average (GPA) of "B" (3.0) is required to maintain good standing as a graduate student and more importantly, to meet the requirements for a graduate degree. Students receiving a grade lower than a "B" in a graduate course will be sent a letter of warning from the Graduate College. The student's Advisory Committee will meet to determine if the course should be taken again to obtain a higher grade. (If a student's GPA drops below a 3.0, the student will be placed on Strict Academic Probation and will be required to earn at least a "B" in each course during the next semester of full-time enrollment). Failure to do so will result in academic suspension. The probationary status will not be removed until the GPA is raised above 3.0. Students that are either admitted or placed on Strict Academic Probation because of low grades are not eligible for Departmental funded Graduate Research or Teaching Assistantships until the probationary status is removed. If a student on an assistantship is placed on academic probation, he/she will be allowed one semester to remove their probationary status; after this period the stipend will be withheld until the probationary status is removed.

Please note that a student must have a "B" grade average in all courses on the Plan of Study, and also a "B" grade average in thesis, report, or courses designated as the creative component. After a student has completed a course, it cannot be dropped from the Plan of Study because of a low grade unless the change is first approved by the student's major advisor, the Department Head, and then by the dean of the Graduate College. Failure to maintain adequate progress toward completion of the graduate degree (as determined by the Advisory Committee) is grounds for dismissal. Any significant breech of scientific ethics (e.g. falsifying data or plagiarism) by the student may result in immediate dismissal of the student following due process (as defined by university regulations).

Please note that any course taken under the Pass-No Pass grading system ("P" or "NP") is acceptable on a Plan of Study only under very unusual circumstances and is generally deemed not acceptable.

For incomplete course work, a default grade of "I" will be assigned. This default grade will be the grade given the student should they not finish any incomplete work prior to one year from the assignment of the "I" grade.     


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