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Entomology and Plant Pathology

Non-Resident Tuition Waivers

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Graduate students (both domestic and international) who are not residents of Oklahoma are eligible for waiver of their non-resident tuition if they are employed as graduate research or teaching assistants and meet the following requirements:   

  • Graduate students must be employed as a monthly employee and their employment action (EA) forms must show one of the following codes: 1713, 1714, 1749, 1750, 1960 and 1990. 
  • Students must be employed at least 0.25 FTE (1/4 time) from the first day of class to the last day of final exams. 
  • Students must be enrolled full-time (i.e. six credit hours in the spring and the fall, and three credit hours in the summer). International students must be enrolled in nine credit hours (if employed 0.25 FTE) or six credit hours (if employed 0.5 FTE). 
  • Students must be enrolled using their student identification number. 
  • Students granted tuition waivers for the spring will be eligible to have non-resident tuition waived for the summer session. 
  • Please note that spouses of GA's are also exempt from out-of-state tuition charges. 
  • To receive the tuition benefit, and for a definition of "eligible courses," all students must complete the "Tuition Waiver Agreement" (available in the Department Office) and submit a signed copy to the OSU Graduate College (202 Whitehurst Hall) as early as possible, and each semester of employment thereafter.    
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