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OSU Campus and Stillwater Information

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Health Insurance/ Student Health Clinic

The Student Health Clinic is located at 1202 W. Farm Road, just west of the Noble Research Center. There is a walk-in clinic with physicians, physician assistants, and nurses on staff. Women's gynecological services, immunizations, allergy injections, laboratory, radiology, and counseling services are all available on site at the clinic. Office visits are low cost, approximately $20.00 per visit, with additional costs for other services. The clinic is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. For more specific information about services go to: http://www.okstate.edu/UHS/.

Other health service options include the Emergency Room at Stillwater Health Center (Stillwater's full service hospital), Warren Clinic, Family Health Centers, Stillwater Women's Clinic, the Department for Human Services, and numerous private physicians. Additional health insurance is available to spouses and children through University Health Services https://www.academichealthplans.com/okstate/Default.asp. This coverage is strongly advised if you are not covered by any other health insurance plan. An alternative might be private insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield which is available through local insurance brokers.


Campus Map

See: http://www.parking.okstate.edu/images/maps/AC_ParkingMap072709.pdf for a map of campus


Parking Permits

Parking permits may be purchased to park in student, commuter, or overflow lots which are usually located on campus, but approximately 1/2 mile from Noble Research Center. These permits cost $76.00 per year and are pro-rated. Go to: http://www.parking.okstate.edu/ to apply for a permit.



There are many options for graduate student housing in Stillwater. Many students rent or share apartments in nearby complexes. Others rent or buy houses in Stillwater neighborhoods. A popular choice for students is rental of a university apartment, for which several neighborhoods are located on campus and within walking distance of Noble Research Center. University apartments are usually furnished and include utilities in the rental fee. A roommate finding service is available to match students who wish to share an apartment. For more information go to: http://www.reslife.okstate.edu/universityservices.php

Community and Transit Bus Service

A Stillwater-wide bus service (Big Orange Bus) is available to assist students who live off campus or must park in overflow parking lots. There are several bus lines which travel to many areas of the city of Stillwater, including both WalMart locations and downtown. OSU students with an ID ride free. The general public is charged $.50 per one way fare. BOB operates from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday. No service on the weekends. For more information about BOB go to:: http://www.parking.okstate.edu/bob_intro.aspx

Getting to Stillwater

Many students drive to Stillwater using personal vehicles, but international students often arrive from one of two nearby airports: Tulsa International Airport or Will Rogers International Airport in Oklahoma City. If arriving in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, you should make arrangements with your faculty advisor to be picked up and driven to Stillwater. If this is not possible, there is a shuttle service to and from both airports. Air Express operates out of Will Rogers World Airport. Cost is $112.00 from the airport to the OSU campus. To get to the Tulsa airport it is possible to ride the OSU-Tulsa transit bus then take a taxi to the airport.


About Stillwater

Stillwater is a small-sized city of approximately 50,000 people located 70 miles east of Tulsa and 65 miles north of Oklahoma City. Its relative small size lends itself to easy movement around town. There are several restaurants featuring many types of cuisine, including barbecue, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, American style delis and family dining, and popular student hangouts. Shopping is easily accomplished, but if it cannot be found in Stillwater, it is an easy drive to one of the two metropolitan areas, Tulsa or Oklahoma City, to obtain what is needed. There is one large movie cinema and a nearby lake recreational area. Stillwater is an easy and friendly community to live in, with good schools, safe neighborhoods, and accessible campus. For more information about the Stillwater community, visit http://www.stillwaterchamber.org/

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