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Hard red winter wheat in the most important crop grown in Oklahoma; grown on more than 3-5 million acres and is worth from $400 million to $1 billion in sales each year. Oklahoma's wheat crop is grown for forage, forage plus grain or for grain production only, and thus requires different management based on its intended use. Although wheat is grown in nearly every county in Oklahoma, most wheat is grown in the western half of the state. Wheat is susceptible to various diseases, arthropod pests, and weed invaders. Fortunately, IPM programs are flexible enough to meet those challenges.

Pest Diagnostics Database for Wheat


Pest e-Alert (OSU Plant Disease and Insect Advisory)

World of Wheat

Down and Dirty with NPK (Soil Nutrient Management)

FACT SHEETS (Production)

AGEC-212 Should I Buy (or Retain) Stockers to Graze Wheat Pasture?

AGEC-241 Wheat Grazeout versus Harvest for Grain

PSS-2132... No till Wheat Production in Oklahoma

PSS-2240 Managing Acid Soils for Wheat Production

NREM-5006 Reducing Mortality of Grassland Wildlife During Haying and Wheat-Harvesting Operations

FACT SHEETS (Storage Management)

AGEC-223 Practical Wheat Sampling and Hand Sieving Procedures

AGEC-226 Grading "Cheaty" Wheat

AGEC-236 MCi-Kicker® Dockage Machine Wheat, Grain Sorghum, Corn, & Soybean

CR-1109 Storage and Use of Low Test Weight and Sprouted Wheat

CR-1741 Storing Moist Wheat at Commercial Elevators in Oklahoma

CR-1741 Storing Moist Wheat at Commercial Elevators in Oklahoma

L-213 Wheat Kernel Damage

FACT SHEETS (Marketing)

AGEC-502... Wheat Basis

AGEC-519 Wheat Marketing Plan

AGEC-559 Overview of the Domestic Wheat Gluten Industry

FAPC-109 Evaluation of Hard White Winter Wheat Breeder Lines for Alkaline Asian Noodles

FAPC-128 Plains Grains Inc.: A Wheat Information Resource

FAPC-129 Relating Wheat Quality to End-Product Quality

FACT SHEETS (Disease Management)

EPP-7661... Major Foliar Fungal Diseases of Wheat in Oklahoma

Foliar Fungicides and Wheat Production in Oklahoma - March 2016

PSS-2145 Fusarium Had Blight (Head Scab) of Wheat: Questions and Answers

FACT SHEETS (Insect Management)

CR-7088 Effect of Planting Date and Seed Treatment on Diseases and Insect Pests of Wheat

CR-7191 The Cereal Aphid Expert System and Glance 'n Go Sampling for Greenbugs: Questions and Answers

EPP-7093 Mites in Small Grains

EPP-7094  Common Small Grain Caterpillars in Oklahoma

CR-7194... Management of Insect and Mite Pests in Small Grains

FACT SHEETS (Weed Management)

PSS-2774 Cheat Control in Oklahoma Winter Wheat

PSS-2777 Clearfield® Wheat Production Systems in Oklahoma

L-316 Identification of Grasses Commonly Found in Oklahoma Wheat Fields


Wheat Improvement Team at OSU

Oklahoma Wheat Commission

National Association of Wheat Growers

Oklahoma Crop Improvement Association

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