IPM Oklahoma!

Common Pests


RoachOSU Cockroah Brochure

EPA Cockroach Brochure

A very common cockroach


Head Louse - AdultOSU Head Lice Brochure

EPA Head Lice Brochure

A brief discussion about a common parasite  of students and teachers alike

AntOSU Ant Brochure

EPA Ant Brochure

Some common ants and their control

Ground BeetleGround Beetles

Some common beetles and their control


Paper WaspPaper Wasps

Stinging Wasp IPM (EPA)

Wasps and other closely related stinging Hymenoptera

Red Imported Fire Ants - StickImported Fire Ants

Information about Imported Fire Ants (IFA), a major pest in the Southern United States


CricketCrickets & Grasshoppers

Grasshopper Control in Gardens and Landscapes (OSU Factsheet)


Wood Eaters IPM (EPA)

Wood eaters



Little blood suckers


 FlyOSU Fly Brochure

EPA Fly Brochure

Everybody's pest

 SilverfishSilverfish (OSU)

Silverfish, Firebrat and Booklice IPM (EPA)

Common pests associated with excess humidity

 IPM for Lawns (EPA)

Insect Relatives & Other Pests

Wolf SpiderCommon Spiders (OSU)

Spider IPM (EPA)

A general overview of the most commonly      
                  encountered spiders

Brown Recluse SpiderBrown Recluse Spiders (OSU)

Spider IPM (EPA)

One of the most common indoor pest spiders

ScorpionsScorpions (OSU)

Scorpion IPM (EPA)

Scorpion Facts

PillbugSowbugs and Pillbugs

Discussion about these

common Crustaceans


Mouse and Rat IPM (EPA)

Mice and other small rodents


Information about skunks


Dog TickTicks

Blood sucking pests


Black Widow SpiderBlack Widow Spider

Not often seen, but very poisonous


Bind WeedWeeds (EPA)

Non-animal pests


Carpet BeetleClothes Moth and Carpet Beetle IPM (EPA)

Common pests associated with excess humidity


TreeTree IPM (EPA)

Integrated pest management for trees and shrubs around schools

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