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IPM Teaching Resources

Writing - pencil and pen


Orkin's Learning Center for Kids and Teachers

A website by the Orkin pest control company with many school resources that relate to Integrated Pest Management.

Help! It's a Roach!

Have fun and learn about cockroaches using this interactive version of a popular EPA publication

US EPA, Learn about chemicals around your house

Information about common chemicals found in and around your home, work, and school.

Dennis Kunkel Microscopy

Spectacular electron micrographs of insects and many other small creatures.


Explore familiar and unexpected views of the microscopic world with these colorized images form electron microscopes at the University of Hawaii

Dirty Bug Game

The dirty big game online and other teacher and student resources in IPM from Penn State University


An online community of naturalists who enjoy learning about and sharing observations of insects, spiders, and other related creatures

Get this bug off of me

An anthropod primer from the University of Kentucky

Forest Pests of North America

A collection of photographs and information about virtually any forest pest found in North America

Butterflies of North America

United States Geological Survey site about butterflies

Elementary Urban IPM Curriculum

Activities and Resources for Teaching K-6


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