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Entomology and Plant Pathology

Dr. John Damicone, Professor

B.S., University of Rhode Island, 1977

M.S., University of Massachusetts, 1980

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, 1985

Room/Lab 112F/113 NRC


Extension (75%) and Research (25%) Programs:

I develop extension programs with the objective of providing local and regional crop industries with solutions to economically important disease problems. Applied research focuses on evaluating fungicides and bactericides, cultural control practices, biological control products, and genetic resistance for immediate application in crop production systems. Research on disease epidemiology has been used to develop weather-based spray advisories such as the peanut leaf spot advisor and spinach white rust advisor which predict disease outbreaks and the need for fungicide application. Disease management programs are developed in cooperation with crop improvement teams at OSU and with the support of state commodity boards. My research interests are in the biology, epidemiology, and management of crop diseases. I am interested in characterizing populations of plant pathogens for aggressiveness and fungicide sensitivity, and collaborating with plant breeders in identification and characterization of genetic resistance. Currently I have projects focused on black leg of canola, Sclerotinia blight of peanuts, and anthracnose of spinach.

Program Personnel:

Tyler Pierson, Senior Agriculturist, B.S., Western Illinois University


Curriculum vitae

Extension Plant Pathology Resources:


Canola Diseases

Partners in Progress - Canola Research at OSU: Annual report to the Oklahoma Oilseed Commission on black leg research that includes fungicides trials, screening of varieties and breeding lines, and yield loss assessment.



Peanut Diseases

Partners in Progress - Peanut Research at OSU: Annual report to the Oklahoma Peanut Commission and the National Peanut Board summarizing applied research trials on variety development and performance, cultural practices, disease control, weed control, and insect pest management.

Soybean Diseases

Partners in Progress - Soybean Research at OSU: Annual report to the Oklahoma Soybean Board summarizing applied research including soybean disease control.



Vegetable Crop Diseases

Oklahoma Vegetable Trial Reports: Field trials are conducted and reported each year that evaluate disease management strategies on vegetable crops. Trial reports on weed control, insect control, and variety performance/crop culture are also included.
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