Hort Tips

November 2018: Monthly Gardening Tips; Protecting Young Trees; Protecting Spring Bulbs from Squirrels and Other Critters; Forcing Bulbs for the Holidays; and Don't Bat It: Autumn Leaves

October 2018: Monthly Gardening Tips; Pecan Harvest Field Days; Season Extenders; The Magic of Autumn; Selecting Fall Color; Fall - A Good Time to Control Broadleaf Weeds; Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs Now; Trunk Protective Materials; and Twig Girdlers

September 2018: Monthly Gardening Tips; Pecan Harvest Field Days; Fall is for Planting Trees and Shrubs; Moving Plants Indoor for Winter; Saving Seed of the Amazine Squash; Cool-season Lawn Planting and Renovation; Soil Testing; Harvestin, Curing, and Preparing Gourds for Decorations

August 2018: Monthly Gardening Tips, Staking Trees, Urban Friendly Trees, Growing Fall Irish Potatoes (pdf)

July 2018: Monthly Gardening Tips; Pecan, Peach, Apple, Grape and Blackberry Tissue Sampling for Fertilization Recommendations; Tomato Blossom-End Rot; Injury Prevention Tips for Gardening; Summer is for Fall Harvest; Culinary Herbs for Oklahoma Gardens; Plant Materials for the GHreen Industry Professional and End Consumer - Shackelford Lecture Series

June 2018: Monthly Gardening Tips, Selecting Deciduous Trees for Oklahoma, Deadheading,l Mow at the Right Height; Annual OPGA Meeting Scheduled

May 2018: Monthly Gardening Tips; Dothistroma Needle Blight of Pine; Powdery Mildew; Plant Profile - Mahonia; Controlling Caterpillar Pests; Ten Tips to save Money and Protect the Environment While Enjoying a Healthy Yard; Hunger and Horticulture in the US Conference; Annual OPGA Meeting and Horticulture Field Day

April 2018: Monthly Gardening Tips; Pecan Graftwood Sources; Opion Care and Handling; Growing Vertically; controlling Insects in the Landscape and Garden; Seven Steps to Landscaping Your Yard for Wildlife; Upcoming Pecan Graftin Demonstrations and Annual OPGA Meeting

March 2018: Monthly Gardening Tips; Pruning Roses; Pruning Blackberries; Winter Damage to Broadleaf Evergreens; Allium Millenium Selected as a 2018 Plant of the Year; Attracting Butterflies to the Garden

February 2018:  Monthly Gardening Tips; Winter Irrigation; Bring Spring Indoors; Earth-Kind Landscaping; Deadline Approaching for 2018 Pecan and Grape Management Courses; Control Peach and Nectarine Leaf Curl Now; Cutting Back Ornamental Grasses; Horticulture "Spray Day" - March 8; Grape Pruning Workshop - March 9; Getting a Head Start - Growing Plants from Seed; Pecan Graftwood Sources; Pecan Grafting Demonstrations; Fruit Elimination on Ornamental Trees; Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide for 2018; What is ThinkWater?; Oklahoma Proven Selections; Learning Opportunities About during February's National Pesticide Safety Education Month

December 2017: Monthly Gardening Tips; Oklahoma Grown Christmas Trees; Narcissus; Tool Cleanup; Don't Forget to Water this Winter; Feeding Birds; Continuing Education/In-Service Opportunity for Master Gardeners and County Educators; State Pecan Show 2017; 2018 Pecan and Grape Management Class Brochures Available; Arkansas Blackberry School; Horticulture "Spray Day"

November 2017: Monthly Gardening Tips; I Didn't Know Ornamental Sweet Potatoes Developed Sweet Potatoes! Are They Edible?; Protecting Young Trees; Controlling Deer Damage; Controlling Insects In and Around the Home

October 2017: Monthly Gardening Tips; House Plant Pests; Cover Crops; Fall - A Good Time to Control Broadleaf Weeds; Raking Basics; Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs Now!; Viticulture and Enology Workshop; Federal Marketing Order for Pecans Now in Place

September 2017: Monthly Gardening Tips, Fall is for Planting Trees and Shrubs, Cool-season Lawn Planting and Renovation, Collecting and Using Landscape and Garden Waste, Controlling Winter Annual Weeds, 2017 4-H State Judging Contest, Upcoming Events

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