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NEWS: General LID News

General LID News

Apr 29, 2014 BusinessWire: River Bluffs Sets the Standard for Future Low Impact Developments Along the Coast of North Carolina
Apr 29, 2014 Portland Tribune: Green streets: Function or frill?
Feb 07, 2014 StormwaterReport: Colorado’s “Taupe Infrastructure”
Jan 24, 2014 Forbes: Now THIS Is What We Call Green Jobs: The Restoration Industry 'Restores' The Environment And The Economy
May 21, 2013 Finance & Commerce: Some see design-build as easier path to LEED
Mar 02, 2013 American Rivers: City of Atlanta moving ahead with Green Infrastructure
Feb 26, 2013 Washington Post: Reusing stormwater can filter out pollution, beautify yards, create wildlife habitat
Feb 04, 2013 Forbes: Smart Communities will Build Green Infrastructure
Jan 28, 2013 Environment360: To Tackle Runoff, Cities Turn to Green Initiatives
Dec 10, 2012 KATC.com: Lafayette Public Works encourages Low Impact Development
Nov 25, 2012 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Pilot irrigation system takes a load off storm sewers
Nov 20, 2012 Houston Chronicle: LID project first in area
Nov 04, 2012 Chicago Tribune: Cut off the runoff
Sep 03, 2012 Memphis Commercial Appeal: Sustainable tourism boon to businesses, travelers and environment
Jun 19, 2012 Shawnee News Star: Red Dirt Gardening in Stillwater
Jun 01, 2012 University of Arkansas news release: Drought of 2011 prompts resurgence of rainfall harvesting (plus link to a series of water quality podcasts)
May 16, 2012 NRDC blog: New Study Spells More Trouble for Midwest
Apr 22, 2012 Water World: Report--Green infrastructure saves money while improving clean water
Feb 21, 2012 Gazette.net: Edmonston’s flood fight leads to White House recognition
Jan 22, 2012 Washington Examiner: UDC's swanky green digs
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