Oklahoma Low Impact Development

LID Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets and Leaflets

Rainfall Harvesting

Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting, Texas Water Resources Board

Rainwater Harvesting: An on-farm guide, UK Environmental Agency

Managing Wet Weather with Green Infrastructure Municipal Handbook--Rainwater Harvesting Policies, US EPA

Rainwater Harvesting: Guidance for Homeowners, North Carolina State University

Determining the Optimum Solar Water Pumping System for Domestic Use, Livestock Watering or Irrigation, Agricultural Resources Service

Choosing a Pump for Rainwater Harvesting, North Carolina State University

Water Quality of Rooftop Runoff, North Carolina State University

Bioretention Cells and Rain Gardens

Rain Garden Design for Homeowners, University of Nebraska

Installing Rain Gardens in Your Yard, University of Nebraska

Plant Selection for Rain Gardens in Nebraska, University of Nebraska

Bioretention TC-32, California Stormwater BMP Handbook

Bioretention Performance, Design, Construction, and Maintenance, North Carolina State University

Designing Rain Gardens (Bioretention Areas), North Carolina State University

Bioretention Applications: Inglewood Demonstration Project, Largo, Maryland, Florida Aquarium, Tampa, Florida, EPA

Bioretention, EPA

Pervious Pavement

Pervious Concrete: When it rains, it drains..., National Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (not quite a fact sheet, but a very good reference)

Pervious Pavements SD-20, California Stormwater BMP Handbook

Permeable Pavement: Research Update and Design Implications, North Carolina State University

Porous Pavement, EPA

Green Roofs

Installing a Green Roof, Journal of Light Construction

Vegetated Roof Cover, EPA

Stormwater Wetlands

Constructed Treatment Wetlands, University of Tennessee

Constructed Wetlands TC-21, California Stormwater BMP handbook

Constructed Stormwater Subsurface Gravel Wetland, Charles River Watershed Association

Designing Stormwater Wetlands for Small Watersheds, North Carolina State University

Management of Ponds, Wetlands, and Other Water Reservoirs to Minimize Mosquitoes, Purdue University

Maintenance of Stormwater Wetlands and Wet Ponds, North Carolina State University

Wetland, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Wetlands and Water, Millenium Ecosystem Assessment


Vegetated Swale TC-30, California Stormwater BMP Handbook

Site Design and Landscape Planning

Site Design and Landscape Planning SD-10, California Stormwater BMP Handbook

Incentive Policies to Promote the Use of Enhanced Stormwater BMPs in New Residential Developments, research paper from Clemson University

Stormwater Pond Management

Neighborhood and Urban Pond Management, Oklahoma State University

Barley Straw for Algae Control, Purdue University

Other Fact Sheets:

Earth-Kind Gardening Series: Pest Controls HLA-6431, HLA-6432, HLA-6433, HLA-6434

Pesticide Use in the Lawn and Garden, University of Nebraska

Raindrops and Bombs: The Erosion Process, PSS-2252

Pesticides in Residential Areas -  Protecting the Environment, EPP-7461

Understanding Streams,  NREM-9208

Using Vegetation for Erosion Control on Construction Sites, BAE-1514

Soil Testing...The Right First Step, L-249

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