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Rainfall Harvesting


A rainwater harvesting system captures stormwater runoff, often from a rooftop, and stores the water for later use. By using harvested rainwater for purposes that don’t require treated drinking water, we reduce the demand on municipal water supplies and increase the sustainability of drinking water supplies.


Workshop Opportunities:  The OSU LID Program can provide custom Rainwater Harvesting workshops. Please email Jason Vogel if you are interested in having us provide your group with a workshop.


Rainwater Harvesting Fact Sheets

Design of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Oklahoma, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Oklahoma State University

Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Montana, Montana State University Extension

Rainwater Harvesting System Design, Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine

Rainwater Harvesting for Livestock, Texas Cooperative Extension

Choosing a Pump for Rainwater Harvesting, North Carolina State University

Build Your Own Rain Barrel, Washington State University

Instructions for Building a Rain Barrel, North Carolina State Cooperative Extension

Bulletins, journal articles, and Handbooks

Lawton_RWH_system.jpgTexas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting, Texas Water Resources Board

Rainwater Harvesting 101, Grow NYC

Rainwater Harvesting: Technical Brief, Practical Action: Technology Challenging Poverty, USA Engineers Without Borders

Virginia Rainwater Harvesting Manual, The Cabell Brand Center

Ontario Guidelines for Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Ontario Rainwater Harvesting Task Group

Managing Wet Weather with Green Infrastructure Municipal Handbook--Rainwater Harvesting Policies, US EPA

Listing of Statutes and Regulations Pertaining to Rainwater Harvesting, Harvesth2o.com

Powerpoint describing design of large-scale rainwater collection systems, Green Building Expo presentation by Steve Williams from Building Greener, LLC

Rainwater Harvesting Videos

Large-scale rainwater harvesting, Jason Vogel on a segment of Oklahoma Gardening (link coming)

How to install a rain barrel, Part 1, Part 2, Jason Vogel on a segment of Oklahoma Gardening

Rainwater Sand Cistern Update, Jason Vogel on a segment of Oklahoma Gardening

How to construct a rainwater sand cistern, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Kim Rebek, Oklahoma Gardening

Rainwater Harvesting Component Resources

Catchment Area

Rainwater Harvesting for Landscape Irrigation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly side of Roof Runoff, harvestH2O.com

Water Quality of Rooftop Runoff, North Carolina State University

Effect of Roof Material on Water Quality for Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Mendez et al., 2010, Texas Water Resources Board

Conveyance System


Storage Tanks and Cisterns

SamSamWater Rainwater Harvesting Tool, Easily determine the optimum size of your rainwater harvesting reservoir, SamSamWater

Distribution System

Water Quality Improvements

Water Quality and the First-flush Effect in Roof-based Rainwater Harvesting, Jessica Lay, Oklahoma State University Master's Thesis

Evaluation of Contaminant Mixing in Rainwater Harvesting First Flush Diverters, Justin Mechell, Texas A&M Master's Thesis

Sustainability of Rainwater Harvesting System in terms of Water Quality, Rahman et al, 2014, The Scientific World Journal

Assessment of Rainwater Quality from Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Ontario, Canada, Journal of Water Supply Research and Technology

Precipitation and Water Use

When to water vegetables, How much water is enough?, The Old Farmer's Almanac

Rainfall Harvesting in Oklahoma

OSU Botanical Gardens, Stillwater

Rainwater Harvesting System

Sand Cistern

Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, Edmond

Brannin Residence, Tulsa

Grogg's Green Barn, Tulsa

Pickard Residence, Tulsa

Restore Hope Ministries, Tulsa

Ross Residence, Tulsa

Tulsa Zoo, Tulsa

VanHanken Residence, Tulsa

Warren Clinic Bishops Building, Tulsa

Local Distributors

Elite Tank: Tanks, Roof washers, First diverters
Lorenz's OK Seeds, LLC: Tanks

Plastic-mart: Tanks
*Has distributor in Shawnee, OK

Lowes: Tanks

Home Depot: Tanks

Walmart: Tanks

(note, this is not meant to be an exclusive list. If you are an Oklahoma company and would like to be added to this list, email Jason Vogel)

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