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Source Reduction and Composting

fertilize-grass-lawns.jpgStormwater runoff from developed land transports pollutants to receiving waters. Runoff picks up contaminants such as oil that leaks from vehicles and the pesticides or fertilizers used in lawns and gardens. Construction site erosion, and the resulting sedimentation, is another source of pollution.

Source controls are the most effective means of preventing stormwater pollution and protecting water quality. Source control best management practices (BMPs) keep pollutants from entering stormwater in the first place. Source control BMPs are aimed at preventing or minimizing pollutants through performing routine work in a way that eliminates, or greatly reduces, the likelihood of contaminants getting into stormwater.

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Fact Sheets

Land Composting Fact Sheet, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

Vermicomposting-Composting with Worms, BAE-1742, OSU Extension

Source Control Protects Stormwater Quality, Washington State Department of Ecology

Compost and Its Benefits, US Composting Council

Composting and Compost Use for Water Quality, Virginia Tech

Composting Yard Wastes, Colorado State Extension

Using Manure-based Composts in Turf Maintenance, Cornell University

Earth-Kind Gardening Series: Pest Controls HLA-6431, HLA-6432, HLA-6433, HLA-6434, OSU Extension

Pesticide Use in the Lawn and Garden, University of Nebraska

Raindrops and Bombs: The Erosion Process, PSS-2252, OSU Extension

Pesticides in Residential Areas -  Protecting the Environment, EPP-7461, OSU Extension

Soil Testing...The Right First Step, L-249, OSU Extension

Barley Straw for Algae Control, Purdue University


Xeriscape Gardening, David Hillock on Oklahoma Gardening

Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care Practices, US EPA

Bulletins, journal articles, and Handbooks


Highly Compacted Soils Improved by Compost Use, Schwarz et al., BioCycle, July 2007

Compost Use on Established Turf, Schwarz et al., BioCycle, September 2007

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