Include yourself in the continued pursuit of excellance in pervious pavement. Be informed of methods, products and practices that are new to pervious construction. Your pervious experience can be more profitable by learning the state of the pervious art. Featuring:
  • Admixtures, fibers, pozzolan and curing products.
  • Decorative finished, colors and surface treatments.
  • Test procedures for abrasion, freezing, strength and infiltration.
  • Permeable overlay repairs.
  • Two-tier pavement, placed in multiple layers of different mixtures.
  • High performance vacuum equipment for both service and repairs.
  • Advanced abrasion and loading demonstrations.
  • Pervmaster's Ball and the Roadkill Kitchen festivities.

Attend this informative event at Sloan Road in Vegas on September 15, 16 & 17, 2011. Register in advance, by phone at 800.228.6926 or doanload the application here.

History is made at 4130 Roark in Sloan Nevada, the site of the 2011 Bunyan Pervious Roast. Sloan Road is the last exit at the south end of Las Vegas, about 8 miles south of the airport.

Gettel Trucking is located there and Mr. Alan Gettel has generously agreed to allow our festivities and our placements. We are sure to cause a nuisance for their operation but we hope to keep it to a minimum. Watch for signs to parking areas.

Two types of badges will be issued: Spectator badges can go anywhere outside the barriers of the placement area. These areas are still within good visibility of the placement activities. Crew badges go anywhere, including the areas inside the barriers of the placement area. Applicants for crew badges must have their own personal protective equipment and have completed the signed liability waiver.

It is our intention to roast the pervious concrete, so the environment includes punishing heat. Creature comforts can be found in areas where shade and fog are set up to provide some relief. Drinking water and snacks are provided and hot food will be served as our kitchen can manage.