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Entomology & Plant Pathology Farm

The Entomology & Plant Pathology Farm is a 35 acre research station in Stillwater that serves the Entomology and Plant Pathology and Plant and Soil Sciences departments from OSU.

Research Focus

The programs include cultivar development, disease monitoring and control, disease management, weed control, variety evaluations, fungicide evaluations, insect control, demonstration and trap plots used for teaching and collection of diseases. The agricultural commodity programs represented are wheat, peanuts, canola, soybeans, vegetable crops, and turf grasses.

Entomology and Plant Pathology along with Plant and Soil Sciences from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources are departments currently utilizing the station’s services.


The main headquarters consists of 27.5 acres with three additional parcels of land ranging 1.8 – 4.3 acres in size within a half mile of the main headquarters. The farm is located one mile west of the Oklahoma State University main campus in Stillwater Oklahoma at 3424 W. Virginia Street.

The lay and contour of the land necessitates field plots to range from a few square feet to 2 acres in size. The site is characterized by hot, often dry summers; mild autumns; mild to cold winters; and moist cool spring periods. The nearly level to sloping soils are on broad flats, upper side slopes of upland terraces and on flood plains of small streams of the Central Rolling Red Plains. The 1 – 5% sloping areas of the farm comprise the Norge Loam soil type. These soils are deep, well drained, moderately slowly permeable soils on uplands having pH ranges 5.6 – 7.3. The lower areas of the farm consist of the soil type Easpur Loam which are deep, well drained, moderately permeable flood plains with pH ranges 5.6 – 8.4.

Almost all the farmland can be irrigated with raw water from Lake Carl Blackwell. Field preparation and planting are performed by 16 – 75 horse power tractors with an array of planters, sprayers, cultivators, and harvesting equipment to manage field crops.

Also located on the property are a farm shop, plant processing and storage facility, and two greenhouses.



Erich WehrenbergErich Wehrenberg
Sr. Station Superintendent

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Tyler Pierson
Assistant Station Superintendent
Office Phone: 405-624-6244 
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