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OAES Site and Facility Enhancements

Greenhouse Learning Center

Students in Oklahoma State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources will soon have access to a new facility that will better prepare them to enter the professional workforce. The Greenhouse Learning Center, a $6 million facility, will replace and improve functions of OSU’s existing teaching greenhouses that have been in use for decades. Greenleaf Nursery, one of North America’s largest wholesale nursery growers and long-time partner and supporter of OSU’s horticulture programs, has committed $1 million toward this new project. The Greenhouse Learning Center will feature six greenhouses, including an isolated entomology greenhouse, and head house, which includes a classroom, office space and plant-preparation area, as well as storage space for soil, equipment and chemicals such as fertilizer and pest-management materials. A large foyer will provide space for student club meetings. It also will house cutting-edge irrigation systems, intense climate and humidity control and other technology standard in today’s horticulture industry. Construction is expected to be completed in fall 2019.

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Helms Hall (Dairy Center Student Housing)

Among the ongoing enhancements to the OSU Dairy Center is improved on-site student housing for those working at the center, thanks to funding from Larry and Kayleen Ferguson. Named Helms Hall in recognition of the principles embodied by Kayleen’s parents, her father – the late Kenneth Helms – earned a dairy science degree at OSU before marrying Kathleen Cunningham. Both went on to earn master’s degrees in education from OSU while teaching, championing the dairy industry and raising two daughters and a son.
Helms Hall 
Helms Hall.jpg 



Laboratory Improvement Program

  • OAES Laboratory Improvement

      Building Room Work Request Department Status
       AGH 6 hot/cold tap NREM Complete
      AGH 482 GFCI around sink  HORT   Complete
      AGH 207  GFCI around sink HORT   Complete
      ANSI 119 replace floor tiles  ANSI   Complete
      BAEL 135, 129, 125  thermostat repairs  BAE  Complete
      BAEL 127A  Walk-in cooler  BAE Checked by FM and no issues detected
       interior hallway paint BAE   Done by Dean's list
      ANSI 118 220 volt needs to be rewired, hood needs replaced or repaired  ANSI Checked by FM and no issues detected 
      ANSI 122 110V circuit overload  ANSI  Checked by FM and no issues detected 
      NRC 113  ducts, cabinets  ENT  Complete
      NRC D wing  safety showers  BMB  Complete 
      Bioenergy 658A  vent  BAE Complete 
      Bioenergy 658  Storage shed for Biosystems BAE  Complete
      AGH 305  Flammable chemical storage  PSS  
      AGH 203  Flammable storage cabinets  BAE  
      AGH 301  GFCI  HORT  Underway 
      AGH 302  GFCI, easternmost benchtop replacement, cabinet replacement  HORT   Complete
      NRC 309   110 and 220 electrical service need repair NREM Underway 
      AGH Plumbed eye wash, GFCI, add hot/cold water tap  NREM Complete
      ANSI 215  modify cabinets and dust collections   ANSI Complete 
      ANSI 215  eyewash and plumbing fixtures    ANSI Underway 
      NRC 211-212  New flooring, paint, refurbish fume hood cabinet, casework modification, calibrate centrifuges   Entomology Complete except for centrifuge calibration 
      BAEL 104  New Epoxy Flooring  BAE Complete 
      BAEL 135  Insulate Ceiling BAE Complete 
      BAEL 135  Install ductwork and AC BAE Underway 
      NRC 320 Add GFCI's, remove cabinetry, patch flooring  ANSI Complete 
      NRC 320 Repaint Lab and clean flooring  ANSI Done by Deans List
      AGH Building wide  New RO system  DASNR Underway 
      Replace refrigerator (50%) PASS Complete



New Ferguson Dairy Center Free-stall Barn

Oklahoma State University alumnus Larry Ferguson discovered a match made in heaven when he was working at the OSU Dairy Center in 1975, both in terms of his eventual career in the U.S. dairy industry and in the former Kayleen Helms. Forty years later, a $2 million gift from Larry and Kayleen Ferguson is proving instrumental in the construction of a new state-of-the-art, free-stall barn and other improvements at the dairy center. 

 Ferguson Dairy Barn.jpg



New Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks Facility

Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks works to increase and distribute new wheat, peanut and grass varieties developed and released by DASNR, maintain the pure seed stock of older varieties, and increase and distribute crop varieties developed by other organizations that are adaptable to Oklahoma and released jointly with the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station. To handle the increasing demand, in November, 2016, OFSS broke ground on a new 20,000 square-foot space, which will include a separate cleaning facility. Once completed, the new complex is expected to make the OFSS staff’s jobs easier and the operation even more efficient and effective. Stay abreast of ongoing construction via the webcam or by clicking on a up-to-date snapshot.


A lasting legacy serving Oklahoma agriculture

Construction of the new Dr. Raymond Sidwell Research Facility at DASNR’s North Central Research Station near Lahoma is progressing. The facility will have a conference room, offices and restrooms compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and will feature a large open bay design that will facilitate equipment and make possible field day events unimpeded by weather. Sidwell served as senior station manager for the 143-acre experiment station from June of 1980 until his passing in December of 2013. More than three decades of Sidwell’s meticulous management of the station allowed for major research efforts in wheat breeding and variety development, soil fertility, weed science, soybean varieties and cropping systems, grain sorghum variety trials, plant pathology and entomology.

  May 9 - 2.jpg

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