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This page contains common and frequently asked questions.




What is a processor?

A processor is the main brain of the computer. It takes data from the Operating System (OS) and uses it to complete functions or programmed operations. 


What is RAM?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is temporary memory that the computer uses to store data it is working with. RAM is much faster than the hard drive and helps computer run at a quick consistent pace.



Do i need a backup?

Yes. Backups are used when hard drives stop functioning, or if a piece of critical data is deleted. Hard drives are mechanical and can have problems, or stop functioning so it is very important to have a backup. Backups can be local, on a external or internal hard drive. They can also be off site, by way of using an existing backup service (Carbonite for an example.)



How do i order a new computer?

Contact your DASNR Support Specialist. We will be happy to help you get quotes and purchase a new computer.




How can i setup my email?

You can activate your account and setup your email by going to the website. For more information click here.




Is my machine on the domain?

If your office is located on the main OSU campus, there is a good bet it is on the domain. You can determine if you log in to the domain by how you log in. Do you use your OKEY information to log in? If so, then you are on the domain. The other way to see if you are on the domain is by right-clicking on "Computer" ("My Computer" for XP) in the start menu and clicking "properties."  Under computer name you should see "" If you do, then you are on the domain.



How can i change my username and password?

If you are on a computer that is not connected to the domain, you can change your username and password by using the User Accounts menu in the Control Panel. For a full tutorial on changing user accounts and passwords click here (Windows XP) or here (Windows 7). If you are on a domain computer and logging in with your OKEY, please click here to reset your password. It will take roughly five to ten minutes for your password to populate through the servers.



What processor and how much RAM do i have?

If you right click on Computer (My Computer in Windows XP) and choose properties, you can find the processor and RAM information for the computer. 



What is Spyware and how did i get it?

Spyware is software that is placed on your computer by owners of some websites that you visit, and can send information back to the author about your computer use habits.  In many cases spyware can cause more problems with your computer than a virus. For more information about Spyware click here.


What is a Virus and how did i get it?

A virus is a self-replicating program from one computer to another. The term is commonly used when referring to malware but not all malware fits the description of viruses. A virus makes unauthorized changes to your computer. You can get a virus the same way you get other malware, by communicating with an infected machine, whether it be a website or just another machine on your local network. If you feel you are infected following the same steps listed in on the spyware page here or contact your support tech

My email password has expired, how do i reset it?

You can reset your OKEY password by going to the website and clicking on the reset password link. If you have not enabled an alternate email or a cell phone number to receive your authentication code, you will have to call the Help Desk at (405) 744-4357.



is there basic information available for new employees?

Yes, there is basic information available here. If you have more questions, please contact your DASNR Support Specialist.



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