If you are interested in purchasing a tablet there are several things to consider. While tablets are extremely portable, they are not a suitable replacement for a desktop or laptop computer. Click on a link to view these common questions or see the Tablet FAQ page for a full listing of common questions.

What can I do with a tablet?
Which tablet do I get?
How can I purchase a tablet?
I have a tablet, now what?



There are a variety things that a tablet can be used for. A few common tasks include: 

  • Browsing the Internet
  • Checking Email
  • Group Presentations
  • Taking Notes

If you have more specific questions about what you can do with a tablet, please contact us for assistance.



Which Tablet Do I Get?

Picking a tablet can be a tough choice. Before recommending a tablet for your specific needs, we will research the following criteria: 

  • Available Software and Operating System 
  • Battery Life and Durability
  • Price 
  • User Needs

If you are thinking of getting a tablet, please contact us for assistance.


How can I purchase a tablet

Please contact us if you wish to purchase a tablet. There are some university policies that you should be aware of before purchasing a tablet with university funds. We will walk you through purchasing a tablet, and help you choose one that suites your needs.


I have a tablet, now what?

Once you have purchased your tablet you will want to customize it. However, before you go on an app buying spree please consult the purchasing apps FAQ. While there are new apps being released everyday for use, here are a few that we recommend. 

  • Microsoft Office Apps include free apps that you can download for your iOS or Android devices. These apps include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. You can access and install these apps from the device app store. 
  • Dropbox is an app that allows you to sync files between multiple locations. By storing files in your Dropbox, you can easily access them from almost anywhere, including your smartphone, your laptop or desktop and your tablet.  If there isn't a Dropbox application for your device, chances are you can still get to the file via a web browser.

  • Evernote is a program that syncs between your computers, smartphone, and tablets that allows you to quickly capture a webpage, an article, an image, etc and view it at a later time on any device with Evernote installed.

  • Kindle / Nook / iBooks are apps allowing you to buy e-books, import publications including PDFs and read them on the go.

  • Useful Apps is a list of several useful apps for anyone who has just purchased a tablet or is looking to improve their productivity.
  • Extension Apps is a document containing several extension related apps, created by a variety of universities, compiled by Larry Jackson at Kansas State University.

If you come across an app that you find useful for Extension fill out our "Want to Recommend an App?" form so we can share that information with others.

If you have any questions please contact us for assistance. We can help you setup and configure your device. 


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