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OKSTMA Turf Field Day Success!

OKSTMA Turf Field Day Success!

Oklahoma Sports Turf Managers Association’s field day at Bixby, Oklahoma.

BIXBY, Okla.-- The Oklahoma Sports Turf Managers Association’s field day was a big success!

The educational sports turf field day took place on the morning of August 8, 2017 at the Bentley Park Sports Complex in Bixby, Oklahoma.

A tasty Panera Bread breakfast provided by Johnston Seed Company kicked off the event. Attendees from across the state visiting over coffee and bagels set the tone for a day full of networking opportunities for sports turf managers.

Following breakfast Dr. Justin Moss, an associate professor and Huffine Endowed Professor of Turfgrass Science at OSU, welcomed attendees before they moved outside to participate in hands on demonstrations.

Representatives from several different companies exhibited their products for both synthetic and natural turf maintenance. The LitterKat® was just one of the new products present at the field day by GreensGroomer Worldwide®. The LitterKat® is a piece of equipment used to easily collect debris from synthetic turf. Toro® also provided a collection of their turf mowers for attendees to inspect firsthand.

Beyond equipment demonstrations, specialists presented over other sports turf management practices. These presentations ranged from mound repair after games to grading and resurfacing. Specialists from World Class Athletic Surfaces® presented on and demonstrated how to create field logos using their athletic field paint.

While gaining hands-on experience, attendees were provided the opportunity to visit with industry experts on the latest products in sports turf management.

Larry Lindsey, a pesticides supplier with Winfield® and longtime OKSTMA member, expressed gratitude to the OKSTMA and OSU Extension Services for providing sports turf focused field days.

“The industry needs more sports turf oriented field days like this one. It’s great for suppliers and for the customers,” said Lindsey.

Following the hands-on demonstrations, OSU’s Dr. Charles Fontanier and Dr. Yanqi Wu held an open Question and Answer session before lunch.

Fontanier is an assistant professor in the Turfgrass Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. He is known for his research efforts in turf sustainability and water conservation.

Wu is an associate professor in grass breeding and genetics in the Plant and Soil Science Department. Wu’s current research focuses on the development of new cultivars. He also conducts research on important agronomic traits in bermudagrass used for turf and forage as well as switchgrass used for bioenergy.

Attendees were able to ask questions on upcoming changes in EPA regulations, chemicals and pesticides being taken off the market, and the development of new cultivars.

Closing with a lunch social provided by P & K Equipment®, the Bixby field day was a wonderful opportunity for those involved in all areas of sports turf management showing the need for more field days dedicated specifically to sports turf management.




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