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How Crop Arrangement can extend the Life of the Ogallala Aquifer by Abu Mansaray and Kevin Wagner (5/30/2019)

Removing Redcedar Beneficial in Restoring Natural Water Cycle by Ali Meek (3/26/2019)

Seed Grants Grow One Agronomist’s Program by Brittany Davis (3/26/2019)

Emerging Irrigation Technologies Lead to Water Conservation Strategies by Brittany Davis (2/1/2019)

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Impact Statements

A small federal grant administered by the U.S. Geological Survey [USGS, Section 104(b)] provides base support to each institute in identifying water resources research needs, finding university researchers capable of conducting useful research, and leveraging federal funds with state and other resources to sponsor the needed investigations. Upon receiving this small grant and conducting their one-year project, researchers are more competitive with larger grants, which allow them and their interdisciplinary teams to address more complicated questions about Oklahoma water issues.

Read about how USGS seed grants impacted the researchers and their students in our impact statements.