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Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

DASNR Sponsored Programs Staff

Ag Sponsored Programs Staff

General Contact Information

DASNR Sponsored Programs Administration
241 Agricultural Hall
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405-744-7195
Fax: 405-744-8863

Hollie Schreiber, MBA, CRA
243 Ag Hall
Phone: 405-744-7196

Hollie directs the administration of all sponsored programs activities. She is also responsible for procedure and guideline development, coordination with DASNR and University administration, and training and education of Department Financial Assistants, Faculty and other DASNR staff in grants/contracts related areas. The Conflict of Interest process and committee is managed by the Director of DASNR Sponsored Programs.


SogolDr. Sogol Rasouli
Proposal Development Specialist
262 Ag Hall
Phone: 405-744-9707

Sogol’s primary responsibility is to assist faculty on large, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional proposals. , She reviews and evaluates proposals to meet proposal requirements, proofreads and edits proposals to improve readability and overall presentation, and coordinates the development of supporting documentation. Sogol works closely with sponsored programs staff to ensure that proposals are routed, reviewed, and submitted successfully.

Milissa Gofourth
Grants & Contracts Specialist, Pre-Award
261 Ag Hall
Phone: 405-744-7004

Milissa is responsible for the budget development, routing, review, and submission of all proposals. She works closely with faculty to develop the budget and supporting routing documentation. She also works closely with Dr. Rasouli to ensure the proposal is administratively compliant.



Michelle German
Grants & Contracts Specialist, Post-Award
242 Ag Hall
Phone: 405-744-7086

Michelle is responsible for the administration of sponsored programs after they are awarded. Michelle is the Grants & Contracts Officer for the County and District Extension offices and for all accounts within the following departments: Agricultural Education Communications & Leadership, Animal Science, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, The Institute for Biological Agrosciences, Plant & Soil Sciences, and 4H Youth Development.


Meghann headshotMeghann O'Harrah
Grants & Contracts Specialist, Post-Award
240 Ag Hall
Phone: 405-744-3985

Meghann is responsible for the administration of sponsored programs after they are awarded. Meghann is the Grants & Contracts Specialist for all accounts within the following departments: Entomology & Plant Pathology, Food & Ag Products Center, Field & Research Service Unit, and Natural Resource Ecology & Management (to include the Oklahoma Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Unit.)

Kelly headshot 3Kelly Peck
Grants & Contracts Specialist, Post-Award
239 Ag Hall
Phone: 405-744-7194

Kelly is responsible for the administration of sponsored programs after they are awarded. Kelly is the Grants & Contracts Officer for all accounts within the following departments: Agricultural Economics, Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, and all DASNR general accounts.


Administrative Team

Jannice Hicks
Accounting Specialist
241 Ag Hall
Phone: 405-744-2934

Jannice coordinates with the Specialists in the post-award administration of accounts. She reviews expenditure transactions, maintains cost share reports, maintains the G&C information system, and manages the departmental budget.



Diana Perry
Sr. Administrative Support Assistant
241 Ag Hall
Phone: 405-744-7195

Diana is responsible for managing the routing system and related procedures, information, distributions to the department/units, and providing general administrative support for the office.

Oklahoma State University - Stillwater, OK 74078