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Proposal Submissions

Proposal Submissions

The following are the required proposal submission procedures.


All preproposals should be routed in the same manner as full proposals in accordance with OSU policy as describe below.

Full Proposals

All proposals must be routed for the appropriate administrative approvals before submission to the agency.  Faculty should contact their department financial assitant and Ag Sponsored Programs person as soon as they begin developing the proposal. Proposals that include research with human subjects, animals, or recombinant DNA may be submitted while the application for institutional approval is still pending.  The faculty member will then be responsible for obtaining the needed approvals before the award is received.


All proposals, including preproposals, must be routed for administrative approvals before being submitted to an external sponsor. Each department has a staff member who is responsible for completing routing sheets. The department staff member will prepare the routing sheet and obtain signatures from the principal investigator(s) and department head(s) before submitting the routing to DASNR Sponsored Programs. Fully completed, signed routing sheets should be submitted to DASNR Sponsored Programs at least five working days before the proposal deadline. The routing must contain a final budget, final budget narrative, and a final version of any forms or other documents requiring an institutional signature.  However, for routing purposes a draft of the technical narrative is sufficient.

Routing forms are available on the "Resources, Templates and Guidelines" page.


The provided budget templates (available on the "Resources, Templates and Guidelines" page) are not required, but are provided as a tool for budget development.  The templates are designed to calculate F&A, fringe rates and other factors automatically - provide the proper inputs are given.  There is a full instruction sheet attached to the template. Caution should be exercised when revising these worksheets. Adding or deleting lines could cause errors to result in the formulas.

External sponsors often have their own budget forms that are required.  You may check with your departmental staff member or with DASNR Sponsored Programs to see if the budget forms are available in an electronic format. Some sponsors may occasionally provide unrestricted program support without requiring a budget.  OSU requires that a budget be provided for input into the financial accounting system.

OSU policy requires that Indirect Costs (or F&A costs) be requested whenever allowed by the sponsor. Some sponsors may require cost share or matching. If you must include matching in your proposal budget, this should be limited to the faculty’s salaries and benefits. Other forms of matching may be possible only in very exceptional cases. Your departmental staff member or AgSP staff can assist faculty in calculating the appropriate times and amounts of faculty salary to include in the budget. Cost sharing is not encouraged unless it is required by the sponsor.

F&A Rates (or Indirect Costs)

F&A rates are negotiated and set every two years through OSU’s cognizant federal agency (currently ONR). OSU policy states that “reimbursement is to be sought and collected on all sponsored projects.  Although some sponsors will not pay indirect costs or will pay only a reduced rate, the amount not allowed as reimbursement is nonetheless to be shown in the proposal so that the sponsor and the University will be aware of the University's contribution.” When F&A is collected, 55 percent of the earnings are retained by Central Administration and DASNR receives 45 percent of the earnings. Of the amount received by DASNR, 75 percent (or 33.75 percent of the total) is transferred back to the department.

Acceptance of Award

Should a sponsor choose to award or accept a proposed project, the award must be routed for appropriate administrative approvals.  Often the sponsor, particularly federal and state sponsors, have their own award documents. However, private sponsors may not have an award instrument on hand. In that event, DASNR Sponsored Programs should be contacted to negotiate a standard OSU agreement with the sponsor. If the sponsored project involves human subjects, animals, or recombinant DNA, the required institutional approvals must have been obtained before the award can be accepted.

Standard Agreements

If the external sponsor does not have a standardized award document, OSU’s standard agreements may be used. Two commonly used agreements are the Standard Sponsored Research Agreement and the Standard Research Services Agreement. Other standard, commonly used agreements can be found on VPR's website. DASNR Sponsored Programs staff can assist in provided other agreement as needed for specific circumstances, including sub-awards.

These are made available for informational purposes. However, DASNR Sponsored Programs should be contacted before using any of them. DASNR Sponsored Programs can negotiate these agreements with the sponsors or in certain occasions can draft special purpose agreements.

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