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Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Resources, Templates & Guidelines

Resources, Templates & Guidelines

Proposal Information Form
Planning to submit a grant application? Need detailed routing and submission guidance (including a current budget template)? 
Please complete this form and click SUBMIT on the last page.

No Cost Extension Request Form
Complete this form and email to your Sponsored Programs contact.

Adobe Sign - eletronic signature for routings
Lead PI Instructions
Other Signatory Instructions


Email the completed request form in excel format to:

Your email should have the subject line:  Supplemental Grant Pay – Faculty Name.  All your back up/reference information required (at mimimum, JobDetail TAB and Labor Distribution TAB) for review should be attached as a single .pdf and included with your form email.  It is not necessary to have the faculty member, PI or department head sign.  Sponsored Programs will route for signatures via Adobe Sign beginning with the faculty member.   You will be sent CC: completed copy of the redistribution when all signatures have been obtained.  It will be your department’s responsibility to process the LD EPAF.

Time & Effort Certification

Draft DASNR Guidlines for Time & Effort Certification


Forms and Templates
These forms are provided as examples.

  • Deposit Form - reminder: all grant deposits should be forwarded to Sponsored Programs for deposit by GCFA
  • EPAF Request Form
  • New Personnel Record Worksheet
  • P-card Approval Form
  • P-card Receipt Form
  • P-card pre-authorizing Form
  • Travel Information Form
  • Travel Request & Voucher Forms
  • Budget Modification/Transfers (BT4s in BANNER)

    Budget Modification/Transfer Request Memo - No Approval Required - Use this memo when requesting a budget modification/transfer for which no prior approval is needed. Email to your Grants & Contracts Specialist after executing the BT4 in SSB.

    Budget Modification/Transfer Request Memo - AOR Approval -  Use this memo when requesting a budget modification/transfer for only AOR approval is needed. Email to your Grants & Contracts Specialist after executing the BT4 in SSB.

    Budget Modification/Transfer - Agency Approval - If agency approval is required, a BT4 cannot be done. These budget mods are required to be routed; routing should contain the agency approval and the new budget. GCFA will input the change.

    Banner Finance Workbook DASNR - dated 2/24/16

    DASNR Guidelines

  • Time & Effort Certification - NEW!
  • Conflict of Interest Management
  • Expanded Authority for Budget Revisions on USDA Grants
  • Intellectual Property
  • Thresholds for Agreements and Consolidated Accounts
  • Tuition Remission on Sponsored Programs
  • Uses of Recovered Salary
  • Helpful Links

  • Office of University Research Services
  • Office of University Research Compliance
  • Technology Development Center (formerly Intellectual Property Management)
  • Grants & Contracts Financial Administration
  • Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer
  • University Center for Proposal Development
  • DASNR Sponsored Programs Contact Information

    DASNR Sponsored Programs Administration
    241 Agricultural Hall
    Oklahoma State University
    Stillwater, OK 74078
    Phone: 405-744-7195
    Fax: 405-744-8863

    Oklahoma State University - Stillwater, OK 74078