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Faculty Research

Faculty Research

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The OSU Institute for Agricultural Biosciences (IAB) focuses on the use of modern molecular biology and genetics for the improvement of agricultural productivity and sustainability. With funding from the NSF-EPSCoR, OCAST, the Walter Sitlington Foundation and the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, our research projects aim at understanding the biochemical and molecular mechanisms that regulate gene expression during plant development and in response to environmental challenges. In addition to publication of numerous scientific reports in high impact journals, we are working to develop these basic findings into breakthrough technologies with the potential to increase productivity and yield stability.

Collaborative research with the Noble Foundation provided an important justification for locating the OSU-IAB facility in Ardmore and the development of this relationship is a priority. The OSU-IAB also provides important collaborative opportunities with other research institutions in the area. Scientific interaction with researchers at the University of Oklahoma and the University of North Texas are being developed and these partnerships could provide a framework for integrated research efforts.

Research Faculty:

  • Randy D. Allen, Professor
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    Phone: (580) 224-0626
  • Todd Baughman, Program Support Leader
    Field Research Services Unit
    Phone: (580) 224-0623
  • Million Tadege, Assistant Professor
    Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
    Phone: (580) 224-0629
  • Mohamed Fokar, Research Professional
    Institute for Agricultural Biosciences
    Phone: (580) 224-0644

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