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Earthquake Preparedness and Recovery

Living in Oklahoma often means dealing with natural disasters. This page compiles resources from Oklahoma State University experts about keeping your family safe and prepared for emergencies.



Be prepared for earthquakes

While the recent rise in earthquakes may be as unsettling as the feeling of the ground rolling, shaking and buckling under foot, making emergency preparations before disaster strikes can go a long way toward calming frayed nerves.

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Secure items in your home to help ensure earthquake safety

Oklahoma has long been known to be a part of tornado alley. However, in recent years, the state has knocked California from the top spot in terms of the number of earthquakes.

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Is earthquake insurance for you?

As earthquakes become increasingly common in Oklahoma, it is worthwhile for residents to consider purchasing insurance to protect their property as the ground shakes and rolls underfoot.

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Drop, take cover and hold on in case of an earthquake

Drop. Take cover. Hold on. Following these three simple commands can help Oklahomans remain steady when the ground begins rumbling under their feet as earthquakes continue hitting the state with increasing frequency.

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Checking utilities in the aftermath of an earthquake

One top priority for homeowners after an earthquake is to ensure all utilities remain in proper working order.

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Checking inside and outside the home for earthquake damage

In the aftermath of an earthquake, damage to homes, buildings and other structures may or may not be visible. That is why it is important to thoroughly check both inside and outside your property as soon as it is safe to do so.

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