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Tornado Preparedness

Living in Oklahoma often means dealing with natural disasters. This page compiles resources from Oklahoma State University experts about keeping your family safe and prepared for emergencies.


Tornado Preparedness Fact Sheets

Pet Emergency Preparedness

Getting Your Records in Order: Organizing Household Records

Planning Food for Summer and Winter Storm Emergencies

Stack Pattern Effects on Wind Forces in Open Buildings



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Emergency planning should include developing key safety skills

Assemble an emergency kit? Check. Make a family emergency plan and practice until everyone knows what to do and where to go? Done.

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Safe room

Building a residential safe room

Most Oklahomans are familiar with the destruction and chaos tornadoes can cause and may opt to build a safe room for an added level of protection.

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Which safe room is right for your family?

After deciding to invest in a safe room, one of the next major steps is settling on where to place it in the home, either in new construction or as a retrofit.

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Plan now before a disaster strikes

What will you and your family do when a disaster strikes?
It is a good idea to know the answer to that question since Oklahomans can face everything from violent tornadoes to debilitating ice storms to raging wildfires.

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Preparing in case of tornadoes

When potentially deadly tornadoes threaten Oklahoma, residents know the importance of taking cover. But, what is the best way to prepare before dangerous storms take aim at the state?

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Prepare for tornado season before the sirens sound

Oklahomans have enjoyed a fairly mild winter compared to past years. While everyone hopes for a mild spring and tornado season, it is still a good idea to be prepared for potentially stormy weather.

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Older adults and planning ahead for severe weather

Many Oklahomans were without power following the Thanksgiving holiday as an ice storm ravaged parts of the state. While keeping warm is likely the top priority for residents, food safety also is a concern for those without electricity.

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Identify your safe place before severe weather blows in

Sure it is the kind of detail that easily falls to the bottom of a jam packed to-do list. But knowing ahead of time where to go when an ugly storm is bearing down could save your life.

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Weather emergency plan must include pets

Spring in Oklahoma can be a beautiful time of year. Pleasant temperatures, blooming flowers and plants and warm spring showers are just a few of the things Oklahomans enjoy. However, anyone who has lived in this part of the country for any length of time knows spring also brings turbulent weather, including tornadoes, straight line winds, large hail and even flooding.

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Get in the know when severe weather looms

It is not enough to know what to do and where to go in case of severe weather. Families also need an accurate read on weather conditions, especially when dangerous storms are brewing.

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Properly maintaining an emergency preparedness kit

Oklahoma families are strongly encouraged to prepare ahead of any potential natural disaster or possible crisis by setting aside some food and basic supplies as part of an emergency kit. But, in order for these kits to be truly effective, they do require a bit of light annual maintenance.

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Weather safety tips while on the road

Oklahoma is in the midst of tornado season, and if there is one thing everyone knows, safety is of utmost importance. When at home and the sirens sound, seeking shelter is key.

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Cow Calf Corner

Glenn Selk has advice on preparing your cattle operation for severe weather and how to protect livestock after a storm hits.



Food Kit for Disaster Preparedness

OSU Extension Specialist Barbara Brown puts together a food kit to have on hand in the event of an emergency.


Disaster Preparedness: Emergency Evacuation Kits

Extension Food Specialist Barbara Brown shows viewers how to create a kit that would be taken with you in the event of an emergency where you had to evacuate your home. This kit is also know as a Bug-out Bag.


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