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Personal Money Management

Trying to make sense of your dollars and cents? Oklahoma State University experts offer tips, strategies and insights on how you and your family can successfully managing your money.



Should you buy or lease your next vehicle?

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, consumers have three options – buying outright, buying with a loan or leasing. For most people, buying outright is not an option, so consumers are left with a loan or lease option.

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building strong foundation2

Building a strong financial foundation

Many families keep a sharp eye on the bottom line, carefully watching every dollar that flows into the household and each cent that goes out. Having the right set of key financial tools can make that job a lot easier.

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money emergency2

When money emergencies happen

The hot water heater breaks. A family member needs major dental work. The car needs new tires. When a major money crisis hits, what do you do?

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Spend less and save more

Spending less than you make sounds like a no brainer, right? It is one important financial goal families should try to achieve consistently.

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student budget2

College students should budget, too

College students are not known for having a lot of money, but that does not take away the need for a budget. In fact, it may be even more important to know how much is coming in and going out of the bank account..

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long term saving2

Saving for long-term goals

Thinking about buying a car or starting a college fund for the kids? Dreaming of owning a home or putting aside something for retirement?

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savings tracking2

Getting on the savings track and staying on course

When it comes to saving a dollar or two, there are is shortage of ways to nickel and dime your way to a respectable wad of cash – save loose change, brown bag lunch, eat out less often, quit smoking.

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Credi cards2

Using credit cards wisely

What do credit cards and power saws have in common? Both are tools that can make certain tasks easier to complete, especially when they are used properly.

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Credit Score2

What is in your credit score?

For many people, monitoring their credit may seem like a minor entry on the to-do list, but doing so regularly could help avoid major problems.

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Basic insurance needs

Insurance is a bit like shopping for a pair of pants or shoes. There are so many sizes, styles and colors. How is anyone supposed to make the right decision and know it is the right one?

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Monitoring credit2

Monitoring credit throughout the year

The rising popularity of credit cards as a primary method of payment means it is more important than ever that consumers watch their credit reports closely.

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save tax refund2

Putting your tax refund to work for you

Despite the dread that visits annually during tax season, many Oklahomans often anticipate receiving a refund.

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