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Wheat Quality

Wheat is Oklahoma’s largest cash crop and the state’s producers sow 5 to 6 million acres of winter wheat annually. Here you’ll find resources and insight from Oklahoma State University experts about how to successfully raise a healthy wheat crop.


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Economics show Oklahoma wheat growers must maximize yields and protein content in their crop

It is no secret wheat prices have been less than stellar overall in recent years, but that only underscores the need for wheat growers to do what they can to produce as competitive a product as possible.

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Balancing yield and protein content in a wheat crop

With Oklahoma wheat producers heading into another growing season, the bottom line will be top of mind, as always, and for many, that means focusing squarely on yield, yield, yield.

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Breeding wheat varieties for protein?
Not so fast

Oklahoma State University wheat breeder Brett Carver does not resemble the stereotypical image of a mad scientist at work. However, he and the rest of the OSU Wheat Improvement Team, an interdisciplinary team of researchers, display mad skills when it comes to fulfilling their charge of developing high-performing wheat varieties that thrive in Oklahoma, while more than satisfying the needs of bakers and millers everywhere.

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Is Hard Red Winter, the only class of wheat?

Did you know there are actually six different classes of wheat? Brett Carver and Renee Albers-Nelson look at how they impact our diets.

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