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During the fall of 2011, I asked the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (DASNR) faculty to embark on a process to document our future directions. This process began with the development of External Drivers that influence our programs and the change that continually is being implemented in those programs.

This early planning resulted in the identification of 11 Drivers of Change. Consensus discussions were held in the departments and units within DASNR to identify the most critical issues, relate them to the Drivers of Change and identify the impacts of the issues on agriculture and quality of life issues across the state.

A short discussion of each of these External Drivers provides some background of understanding of the emergence and identification of priority issues that will impact the state’s agricultural constituencies over the next five-10 years. Also included in this document are discipline-specific priority directions and goals for each of our departments, centers and institutes. All of this effort has been with a focus on the impacts that the External Drivers will have on the state that has guided the division’s process of priority goal setting. It is important to recognize that this planning effort is continually evolving and will require periodic review of priority issues that will emerge from external drivers to best meet the needs of our of statewide constituencies.

This document represents the cumulative effort of many groups and individuals. I would like to express my appreciation to our faculty, department heads, and the Dean’s Advisory Council for their careful consideration and input toward the vision and future priority directions of DASNR.

Best regards,

Robert E. Whitson


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Drivers of Change Impacting Oklahoma


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