The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service created a new addition to the Program Activity Reporting System (PARS) to capture outcome data from county-based Extension programming activities. This new addition is called PARS+ and it is intended to capture additional information on behavioral and community outcomes that result from county Extension programming. Extension issue or initiative team members are able to report in this system as well as those reporting on non-issue team outcomes.

Additionally, as an educator you can enter the narratives for your annual self-appraisals. You can also search and generate reports that will highlight the bulk of the programming efforts you enter into the system. Enjoy.


PARS+ does not replace the long-standing existing PARS. Future plans include having PARS and PARS+ interact once this new addition is fully tested for a few reporting periods.

PARS+ is in a development stage. Please pardon our progress. Any feedback is welcome; please use the upper tab labeled "Feedback" for this purpose.

Need Additional Information?

If you have questions about how to report your programs, please contact your District Program Specialist.

Questions about Issue Teams? Please contact your Issue Team leaders. Information on Issue Teams (including membership lists) can be found at: www.issueteams.okstate.edu or on D2L

If you have questions about the evaluation process and criteria, please contact Kimberly Williams, Program Evaluation Specialist

If you encounter technical difficulties, please contact DASNR IT at (405) 744-4414 or send email to Scott Wilson.

Next Step?

Fill in your CWID in the box in the upper right hand corner and click the "Sign In" button.

Click on the Issue Team Outcome Report tab to start entering data about an Issue Team related session.