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Beaver County 4-H

2018-19 Beaver County 4-H Officers

2018-19 Beaver County 4-H Officers

Beaver County 4-H Clubs

Balko 4-H Club
Beaver 4-H Club
Overstreet 4-H Club
Forgan 4-H Club
Turpin 4-H Club
Beaver County 4-H Shooting Sports Club

2019 Multi-Co 4-H Camp Registration Form

Beaver County 4-H Constitution & By-Laws

2019 Summer Youth Workshop Form

Special County 4-H Awards

2019 4-H Fairbook

2018-19 4-H Membership Guidelines

Form 1 - 2017 Youth Participation Form

Form 3 - Travel & Transportation BEST Management Practices

Form 4 - Adult Medical Form

Form 5 - Adult Volunteer Release Form 

Form 7 - Activity and Event Intent Form

Form 8 - Incident and Accident Form

2015 Team Certification Form

2018-19 Beaver County 4-H Record Book

Beaver County 4-H Record Book Original Version

Beaver County 4-H Record Book Version II

2018-19 Senior 4-H Point Sheet

2018-19 Junior 4-H Point Sheet

2018 OK State Fair 4-H Results 

Leaders Handbook

Oklahoma 4-H 2019 Awards Handbook

Oklahoma State 4-H Record Book/Scholarship Information

State 4-H Website

4-H Literature Online

Oklahoma 4-H Mission:

The 4-H Youth Development Program provides Oklahoma youth, families, and communities with educational programs that create environments for diverse audiences of youth and adults to reach their fullest potential.  In support of this mission we :

Provide community based experiential learning through clubs, school enrichment, special interest programs, and mass media. Help youth develop skills that will benefit them through-out life. Foster leadership and volunteerism for youth and adults. Strengthen families and communities.

4-H is . . . 
Learning by doing.
Having fun.
Making new friends.
Developing volunteerism.
Becoming a leader.
Practicing responsibility.
Solving problems.
Making the best better.


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