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The mission of the 4-H Youth Development Program is to provide Oklahoma youth, families, and communities with educational programs which will create environments for diverse audiences of youth and adults to reach their fullest potential. In support of this mission we will: Provide community based experiential learning through clubs, school enrichment, special interest programs, and mass media. Help youth develop skills that will benefit them throughout life. Foster leadership and volunteerism for youth and adults. Build internal and external partnerships for programming and resource development. Strengthen families and communities. Use research-based knowledge and the land grant university system and other sources.

  Upcoming Events for 2017

State 4-H Roundup

Join us July 26-28 to experience the 96th State 4-H Roundup. "Discover Yourself through 4-H" is this year's Roundup theme, where you will be taken on a safari adventure. Participants will be motivated by our keynote speaker, actively engaged in over 90 hands-on workshops covering topics from making money to making hot dogs. As always, youth will explore campus life, make new friends and have loads of fun!

This year all Roundup participants will reside in the University Commons, Oklahoma State University's newest housing option. The three Commons buildings house over 900 residents. The res hall floors are designed in a modified traditional layout, incorporating the best elements of traditional halls and suite-style living. University Commons offers double bedrooms in small groupings (6-8 rooms) sharing one community bathroom. Roundup participants will dine in the brand-new Commons dining hall, located just steps away from University Commons. 

The cost for Roundup will be $135. Lodging for county night lodging (Tuesday) is an additional $25 per person. Reservations for County Night Out will be made with your Roundup Registration. Roundup T-Shirts are $10.

AgSummit 2017

Oklahoma 4H AgSummit
Oklahoma State University
July 11-12, 2017
Ages 13+

The Oklahoma 4-H AgSummit is a new event designed to teach youth about emerging agricultural issues we will be facing as a society in 2050. 

Program Fee is $25 for two days and one night on campus. (This fee is subsidized by the 4-H Farm Bureau Professorship.) Conference participation will be limited to 80 youth and 20 adults. Chaperones will be required for each group attending.

Registration is due June 15, 2016.


  • Introduce 4-H youth to the agricultural challenge of feeding the world in 2050.
  • Challenge 4-H youth to join CASNR and personally address these future issues.
  • Task participants to return to their home communities and share this information with decision-makers or local agricultural boards in order to advance their citizenship skills.

Situation Statement:

Considering that by 2050 the global population will exceed 9 billion people, the question we need to address is, "In the context of changing climate and diminishing land and water resources, are we prepared to feed, clothe, and shelter everyone on Earth without wreaking havoc on the environment? It has been estimated that we will need to increase food production from anywhere between 50 and 70 percent or even double food production from today (October, 2014.)

Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy, Director, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) 

Upon returning home, the teams of youth and adults who participate from each county will be expected to make a 15-minute presentation to local stakeholders or an agricultural board (such as Farm Bureau.) During their presentation time, the 4-H youth will educate the board on emerging agricultural issues related to future food security, current research, and possible solutions.

Call the Caddo County OSU Extension Office for the Ag Summit Registration Form. 








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