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Dress to Impress Guidelines- March 26, 2018- form due March 19, 2018

Learn to follow the 4-H Dress Code for any 4-H event through the Dress to Impress Contest


Public Speaking Contest

Contest Categories will be announced in the newsletter prior to each event Pre-registration is required on the County Public Speaking Entry Form/Score Sheet by the due date (1 week prior to competition date).


Cupcake Wars- October TBA, 2018

This contest gives you a chance to show off your baking and cake decorating skills. Participants will bring own cupcakes and decorating supplies. At contest each person will be required to make a selection from the provided pantry to add to their cupcake design. Cupcakes are decorated at the contest.


Table Setting Event - April 7, 2018

Junior members will plan a table setting for one person using a set menu. Senior members will plan a table setting using their own menu. Each will plan and prepare a dessert to complement the menu. Judge will interview each member about their presentation.


4-H Summer Camp -May 29-31, 2018

4-H Summer Camp an overnight 3 day event beginning on the last Tuesday of May continuing through Wednesday and Thursday. Participants will build friendships and teambuilding skills through fun outdoor activities.


Card Party - December 2016

Carter County Leadership Team Christmas Service Project open to all county members. Come and Go Card Party


County Science and Technology Contest- January 2018

Opportunity for youth to prepare exhibits that include printed computer documents, Power Point presentations, digital media, GIS exhibits, simple machines and Science Discovery Projects. For project information check the 4-H Newsletter. Exhibits are due on or before January 19th, 5 pm at the OSU Extension Office. Final conference judging will be on January 23 during the corresponding PowerPoint Presentation event to be held at the OSU Institute of Agricultural Biosciences, 3210 Sam Noble Parkway, 6 pm


"How's It Done" Demonstration Contest - February 2018

Opportunity for both 4-H members and Cloverbuds. Cloverbuds will receive certificates. 4-H members will be presenting demonstration that show "how to", when demonstration is complete participant has a finished product. This can be crafts, food, metal creations, woodworking, clothing etc. Remember some limitations must be made such as welding or using large power tools.


Creative Arts Contest - February 2018

Contest includes items from fair guide under Expressive Arts; Hobbies/Textile Design and Construction; Scrapbooking; Wood Science; and Metalwork. Items are due to the OSU Extension Office between February 13 and 15, 2017. Exhibits will be judged and ready to present awards on February 20 during the "How's It Done" Demonstration Contest


Job Readiness - February 2018

Job Readiness is an individual event that recognizes members who communicate a personal understanding and ability to perform specific job requirements. Members will submit written materials in a folder these are due February 13, 2017 to the OSU Extension Office. On February 20 members will participate in a job interview and be asked to write a follow up letter immediately after the interview. Sample application and resume information can be requested from Gerri Ballard at


Photography Contest - March 19, 2018

Contest open to 4-H youth ages 9 to 18 Two special classes for Cloverbuds ages 5 to 8


Spring Break Workshops, 2018

Sewing- Aprons from shirts, bibs, Dress to Impress training Details in pdf document


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