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finances for youth and adults

The way an individual or family spends their money reflects what they think is important.  Persons spend money based on their priorities.  It is important for families to clearly understand their needs, set money management goals, make informed choices, and improve the quality of their daily life.

Oklahoma Money Matters Website

Programs Available

Making Sense of Money Management

The Making Sense of Money Management class is offered to individuals community-wide.  Some individuals may be required to attend this class by the District Attorney.  The cost for this class is $30 per individual.  The course will be offered regardless of participants ability to pay.  Certificates evidencing completion of a personal financial management instruction course. 

Dollar Decisions

Learn how to make ends meet in 30 minutes to 2 hours.  This program addresses:  Needs vs. Wants, Tracking Expenses, Financial goal setting, developing a spending and saving plan, ways to increase income, ideas to decrease expenses. 

Money Habitudes

(for Teens, College Students, and Adults)

Learn your financial habits in a FUN way.
Use a deck of cards to learn your habits and then ways to meet your budget.

 Keys to Successful Money Management

Designed for individuals and families with limited resources who desire basic information about managing money and other resources.
There are five modules: 

  • You and Your Work
  • You and Your Money
  • You and Your Shopping
  • You and Your Car
  • You and Your House



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