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Credit Reports: A Finanacial Management Monitoring Tool
Consumers have had access to their credit reports since 2005, but how many take advantage of this right? What is the difference between "good" credit and "bad" credit? Learn how to access your credit report and why it is important to do so.
Raising Young Readers
Raising Young Readers is the new state OHCE project. Using the Grow Strong Minds & Bodies curriculum and tool kit, OHCE members can encourage early childhood literacy skills by reading to and supplying children and families with books and activities. This program will intorduce the state project to OHCE member and explore ways to use the program locally and in the county.
Pick a Posey from my Fabric Flower Garden
Fabric flowers are in - again! Headbands, hairclips, purses, scarves can alll be adorned with small flowers made from our fabric scrap piles. Sheer polyesters are great fabrics for this project.
Meals in Minutes
Our busy lifestyles have created quite a market for time saving convenience foods. Many cooks feet that mixes are one answer to some of the problems of our hectic lifestyles. Because one of the most time consuming parts of cooking is assembling supplies and equipment and measuring ingredients, mixes are a very valuable time saver as well as budget friendly. You can save time and money and preserve nutritional value by making your own mixes.
24 Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier
It's time to be creative..let's think about things in our home that will make our lives easier. We want to work smarter not harder, and also find other uses for household items not just what they were designed for.
Salute to the Military
Quilts of Valor and Home of the Brave Quilt programs have been developed to recognize our military and their families. Come and explore how you can be involved in these two worthy quilting programs.
Bread, The Staff of Life
Bread can fit into almost any eating lifestyle. While traditional bread making will be explored, this lesson will also introduce tips and tricks to making and enjoying alternative bread making methods such as no knead, bread machine and solar baking options.
Cool Meals
Too hot to eat? What will you serve for dinner when it is too hot to cook? Summer foods should keep you cool, be easy to eat and put a smile on your face!
Suddenly Single
Life's transitions can occur at any time. When they occur without warning, we are left wondering which steps to take next. This lesson will focus on identifying transitional issues and offer suggested strategies and resources for successful navigation.
Explore Oklahoma
Oklahoma is full of hidden treasurers. From the lush green areas of the Southwest to the arid vastness of the far Northwest corner, Oklahoma offers a variety of vacation spots suited for the whole family. Where will you go for your next vacation? Stay close to home and make your destination in Oklahoma.
Soup or Sauce (SOS)
In today's busy world, cooks are looking for ways to save time in meal preparation. Making and using the Soup and Sauce Mix can provide many opportunities for saving time as well as money. Basic dishes become quicker, easier, less expensive to make and are more flavorful. This mix can be used in a variety of recipes such as soups, gravies, creamed vegetables, skillet meals and casseroles.
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