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Canning for Fun and the Fair
Clutter's Last Stand
Accumulating "things" can be fun! Managing those "things" later in life can become a challenge, especially if those "things" contribute to the clutter in our lives. learn how to better organize items, make personal decisions about how to distribute non-titled property and manage clutter.
Cooking for One or Two
Preparing a meal for family or guests often brings a sense of accomplishment. But making a dinner you will be eating alone can seem like a big effort with small reward. Consequently, many of us pay little attention to the foods we prepare for ourselves and how we prepare them. Interested in expanding your palette with new foods while trying new recipes with small portions? Join us as we explore what to cook for one (or two).
De-Stress Travel
Do you love to travel? Does the thought stress you out? Are you somewhere in between? Learn simple ways to "de-stress" your travel.
Handmade Gifts
Are you the person who wants to give homemade gifts, but you have no idea where to start for a nice quick sewing gift? I have a plan for you! You do not need to make several items nor do they need to be hard to be the perfect gift.
Many Faces, One People
This training is a hands-on interactive workshop designed to guide participants in recognizing the sources of their own attitudes and worldview and deal constructively with issues that arise out of human differences in workplaces, communities and institutions. Since we are a multicultural society, it is our aim to meet the diverse needs of all people. People must develop positive feelings about themselves and others in order to become well-adjusted productive members of society and transcend over generalization and stereotyping.
Microwave Candy
Many of us learned to make candy on the stove top using family recipes. Standing over a cook top while stirring constantly dealing with the messy cleanup typically goes hand-in-hand with candy making. Microwaves can bring something new to the old way of making candy. Join us as we look at how a microwave can save you time and effort in candy making.
Handmade Shopping Bags
When you purchase items at the store, do you expect to be handed your purchase in a plastic or paper bag with a store logo? In the future, we as consumers may be asked to bring our own shopping tote bags to the store. Learn about a new shopping tote bag recycled from feed bags and why using your own shopping bag helps our environment.
Tips for Family Caregivers
Caregivers provide selfless hours to help family members and friends to have freedom and independence as they age in place. Find out how to care for oneself as a caregiver and how you can reach out to friends and family members who serve as a caregiver to help them in this role.
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