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2017 Leader Lessons

The Psychology of Money
"The Precious Ones" - Oklahoma Extension's Mexico Experience
Presented by Ranel Lasley, Caddo County FCS/4-H Educator, at Winter Council.
Alzheimer Awareness
March 2017 - Over 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's is the 6th leading cause of death in the u.S. Learn how you and your group can become involved in a worthy community service project to help Alzheime's patients.
Fairy Gardens
Discover the world of "Fairy Gardens" and learn how you can create one for your home.
Creative Crockpot Cooking
A crockpot is a great appliance to prepare healthy, nutritious meals on busy days. Learn about this handy appliance and receive great crockpot tips and recipes.
Salad in a Jar
It's the lazy, hazy crazy days of summer. Kick back and cool off with these summer salad ideas. They are perfect for using fresh produce from your garden, local farmer's market, or grocery store.
Families Reading Every Day (F.R.E.D.)
Families Reading Every Day is a program developed from the Fathers Reading Every Day which promotes fathers' and families' involvement in their children's literacy and reading skill development. See how your group can support this international initiative.
Waffle It!
Do you have one of those old waffle machines collecting dust? Well it is time we get that waffle machine out and use it for waffles and other neat treats. You probably don't realize all the things you could use your waffle iron for! You will be inspired to get that waffle machine out and find a place for it on your cabinet. And, you might even be asking yourself, "What can I waffle next?"
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