McClain County

McClain County 4-H Officer Team

2016-2017 McClain County Officer Team

Officer Team

President: Lucy Wilson

Vice President: Hunter Haxton

Secretary: Riley Coffey

Photographer: Wyatt Nikodym

Healthy Living Officer: Graci Osborn

Recreation Leader: Andrew Triplitt


Are you consider running for McClain County Officer for the 2020/21 4-H Year? We now are have seven officer positions available for you to choose from! This is a change from previous years. 

Available Positions:

Vice President
Public Relations Officer
Recreation Leader
Healthy Living Officer


Duties and Responsibilities of Officers

  • Officers are expected to serve as a positive role model for their peers. As such, they are expected to strictly adhere to all items listed are inferred by the Oklahoma 4-H Code of Conduct and any other published policies and rules governing 4-H affiliated event and activities. 
  • Officers must agree to attend regular business meetings and committee meetings, follow through with team goals and projects, county events as determined by the officer team and to perform responsibilities as outlined for their office.
  • Be available for workshops and programs at the local and county levels.
  • Represent the 4-H Program by speaking at civic groups, 4-H groups and 4-H volunteers throughout the county.
  • Assist with County events and activities as needed.
  • Seek opportunities to recruit 4-H members to participate on the County level.
  • Other duties as assigned. 


By filing for an office, candidates accept the responsibilities of being an officer including the sacrifice of their personal time and finances if necessary to fulfill their duties.  All candidates agree to abide by the duties outlined, both expressed and implied by seeking nomination and filing for office. 

 County Officer Contract 2019-2020 

Officer Contracts are due to the Extension Office by Friday April 12, 2019.

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