Southeast District Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Southeast District Contacts

Contact information for District Staff.

Southeast District Extension Office
P.O. Box 1378
Ada, OK 74821
Phone: 580-332-4100
Fax: 580-332-8716

Southeast District Staff

Claude Bess
District Extension Director
 Claude Bess photo

SE District FCS Program Specialist

SE District 4-H Program Specialist


Susan Rose
Administrative Support Specialist

 Susan Rose Photo

Sherry Richardson
Assistant Administrative Support
Specialist & CNEP Secretary

 Sherry Richardson Photo




Area Specialists and Staff

Brian Freking
Area Livestock Specialist           
Brian Freking Photo
JJ Jones
Area Ag Economist
JJ Jones Photo
Area Agronomist

Jim Shrefler

Area Horticulturalist

Jim Shrefler
Dr. Barry Whitworth
Area Food and Animal Quality
Health Specialist
 Barry Whitworth_Photo
Diane Huff
Area Secretary 
Diane Huff Photo



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