SOIL 4234 Soil Nutrient Management

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Fall 2016 Lectures

8-15 Link Introduction
8-17 Link Soil Fertility History 
8-19 Link Law of Minimum, Sufficiency, Basic Fertility Principles. 
8-22 Link  Nutrient Mobility, Determining Yield 
8-24 Link Nutrient Solubility, Essential Nutrients
8-26 Link  Essential Nutrients, Nutrient Uptake, N and P Deficiency Symptoms 
8-29 Link Secondary and Micro Nutrient Deficiency Sypmtomology
8-31 Link Extension Symptomology Slide set, Soil Acidity
9-2 Soil Acidity, pH pOH, recording not available.
use 9-9  Link   pH  pOH , Factors influencing acidity, Aluminum solubility.
9-5 Holiday
9-7  Link Aluminium Availability, pH on nutrients and herbicide
9-9    Link Lime sources and liming material quality  ECCE
9-12  Link Conclusion of Lime sources. Saline and Sodic Soils. 
9-14 EXAM 1

9-16 Link Soil -Plant Relationships, Introduction to Nitrogen
9-19 Link Nitrogen fixation and Introduction to the Nitrogen Cycle
9-21 Link Immobilization, Mineralization, Nitrification, Leaching, Volatilzation
9-23 Link  Nitrogen Cycle
9-26 No recording availabe.  Mineralization and Immobilization 
9-28  Link NItrogen Fertilization
9-30  Link Nitrogen Demand, Variation in Annual N Need
10-3  Link Nitrogen
10-5  Link Nitrogen Sources
10-7  Link Nitrogen Sources
10-10 Link Conclusion of Nitrogen Introduction of Nitrogen Rich Strips. 
10-12 Link NItrogen Rich Strips
10-17 Link  Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator
10-19* No Recording Fertilizer Calculations
10-21  Link Phosphorus Management
10-24* Link Phosphorus Management
10-26* Link Phosphorus Management
10-28 Exam 2
10-31  Link Phosphorus Application 
11-2 Link Exam 2 Review, Fertilizer Calculations, Phosphorus in No-till
11-4  Link Phosphorus mining and manufacturing. 
11-11 Link  Potassium 
11-14 Link  Potassium Mining and Manufacturing, Sulfur Fertilization. 
11-16  Link Calcium and Magnesium
11-18  Link Labels and Marketing
11-21  Link Micro Nutrients, Question due before Nov 28th 10:00 am (15pts)
11- 28 Link  End of Semester Open Question Period. 
11-30 Live Link
12-7  10:00 am to Noon.  Final.

Fall 2015 Lectures

8-17  Link   Introduction to the Course and Website.
8-19  Link   Importance of soil fertility and early soil fertility research. 
8-21  Link   Liebig Law of the Minimum and Mitscherlich Law of Diminishing returns
8-24  Link   Mitscherlich Percent Sufficiency and Brays Concept of Nutrient Mobility
8-26  Link   Basic Chemistry: Plant Essential Nutrients and Compound Solubility
8-28  Link   Solubility based on charge, Nutrient Mobility, Nutrients amount in soils and crop. 
8-31 Link    Macro/Secondary Nutrient Deficiency ID N,P,K, Mg.  S not on this lecture
9-2  Class Canceled
9-4 Link    Sulfur and Micro Nutrient Deficiency ID. 
9-9  Link   pH  pOH , Factors influencing acidity, Aluminum solubility.
9-11 Link  Al toxicity, pH impact on nutrients and herbicides.
9-14 Link1  Link2   (video disconnected mid class) Buffer index Liming materials.    
9-16 Link  Lime sources, Salinity, and saline soils.
9-18 Exam 1
9-21 Link Sodic Soils, Nutrient Up-take, Nitrogen
9-23 Link  Nitrogen
9-25 No video available for this lecture.  Nitrogen. 
9-28 No video available for this lecture.  Nitrogen. 
9-30 Link Nitrogen 
10-2 Link Nitrogen 
10-5 Link Nitrogen 
10-7 Link
10-12 Link Conclusion of Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources, Begin N-Rich Strip and Green Seeker Sensor
10-14 Link  N-Rich SBNRC
10-16 Link  N-Rich SBNRC
10-19 Link  N-Rich SBNRC
10-21 Exam 2
10-23   NO Class
10-26 Link  Phosphorus
10-28 Link  Phosphorus
10-30 Link  Phosphorus
11-2  Link    Exam 2 returned, P fertilizer application
11-4  Link  Phos placement
11-6  Link   Othro Vs Poly Phosphate,  Potash mining 
11-9  Link   Potassium
11-11 Link  Dr. Bill Raun
11-13 No Recording, Conclude Potassium and Discuss the KSU Fertilizer Excel file, first few slides of Secondary Nutrients. 
11-16 Link   Dr. Bruce Dunn, Potted Horticulture Nutrient Management. 
11-18 Link   Dr. Justin Moss, Turf grass Nutrient Management. 
11-20 No Recording, Nutrient Products. 
11-23 Link  Secondary Nutrients S, Ca, Mg
11-30  Link  Micro Nutrients, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Cl, B
12-2  Management Zones Dr. Godsey Link    Slide set PDF
12-4  Link

Additional Videos of Interest
Link  Dr. Rodney Jones, No-till Farming in NC Ok. 
Link Dr. Daren Redfearn Advanced Pasture Management. 

  Fall 2013 Lectures. 

8-23  Link
8-26  Link
8-28  Link
8-30  Link
9-4   Link
9-6    Link
9-9    Link w/sound
9-11    Link
9-13  Link
9-16   Link
9-18   Link
9-20   Link
9-23  Link  Lime Source, Saline and Sodic Soil
9-25  Exam 1
9-27    Link  The Nitrogen Cycle
9-30   Link Nitrogen Fixation
10-2  Link Mineralization and Immobilization
10-4    Link Nitrification
|10-7   Link  Losses
10-9   Link Nitrogen Use Efficiency
10-14    Link  Nitrogen Rate Reccommendation
10-16    Link  Nitrogen Rate Recommendation
10-18   Link  Dr. Rodney Jones, No-till Farming in NC Ok. 
10-21    Link Dr. Justin Moss, Turf grass Fertility Needs
10-23   Link Dr. Daren Redfearn Advanced Pasture Management. 
10-25    Link  Dr. Chad Penn
10-28   Link Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources. 
10-30  Link N-Rich Strip and GreenSeeker
11-1   Link Sensor Based N Rate Calculator
11-4 Exam 2
11-6    Link SST 
11-8   Link   Phosphorus
11-11 Link Phosphorus and Soil interaction 
11-13  Link Phosphorus management and testing
11-15  Link P rate Recommendation and Fertilizer Calc. 
11-18  Link  Phosphorus Fertilizer Recommendation Strategies   
11-20  Link Phosphorus Fertilizer Sources
11-22   Link Potassium, Soil K and Recs. 
11-25  Link Potassium Fertilizer, and soil test


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