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Yohannes is from Ethiopia. He received his BSc. degree in Soil and Water Engineering and Management at Haramaya University, Ethiopia, in 2006. After working two years in Haramaya University as a graduate assistant, he got a VLIR scholarship in Belgium to pursue his MS in Physical Land Resources, Land Resources Engineering option. Yohannes received his PhD in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, Soil Physics specialization, under the supervision of Dr. Tyson Ochsner. His research interests include studying the interaction between soil, water and plant; movement of water and other substances in the soil and deep in the aquifers. His research project focused on investigating the interaction between bioenergy cropping systems and water resources. Yohannes is now a post doctorate associate at Texas A&M in the Soil and Crop Sciences Department. During his free time he like to watch movies and play soccer.


Email: yohannes.yimam@okstate.edu



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