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SOIL 5110: Scientific Writing and Data Presentation for Peer-reviewed Journals


Prerequisite Survey

This course is designed to help future scientists and scientific professionals improve their writing skills.  Students will learn to view scientific writing as storytelling and to map the essential components of scientific manuscripts onto the story structure.  Students will also learn how to write effective titles, objective statements and abstracts.  Individual attention will be given to writing the manuscript introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, and conclusion.  We will focus on data presentation techniques, deciding which data to present and how to present them. 


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Course Syllabus 2022

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Lecture Slides

Lecture 1: Course Overview

Lecture 2: Title, Objectives, Abstract

Lecture 3: Manuscript Structure and Outline Preparation

Lecture 4: Figures and Tables

Lecture 5: Writing Science as Story Telling

Lecture 6: Methods and Results

Lecture 7:  Introduction

Lecture 8:  Discussion, Conclusion, and Limitations

Lecture 9:  Internal Structure, Paragraphs, and Sentences

Lecture 10:  Flow, Energized Writing, Words

Lecture 11:  Editing and Condensing

Lecture 12:  Citations, References, Authorship, Reviews


Course Resources

Writing Assignment Descriptions

Peer Editing Guide

Lecture 2.5:  Peer Editing

Assignment #2 and #3 Outline Example

Krueger et al. (2019)


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