Waste Management Engineering, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service


Scientific Journals

Animal Agriculture and the Environment, pp 547-574.   Treatment Lagoons for Animal Agriculture.

Trans ASAE 45(4) 973-981.  Liquid Balance Model for Swine Waste Management Systems using Single-Stage Anaerobic Lagoons.

Trans ASAE 48(4): 1575-1583.  Optimization of Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactors Treating Dilute Swine Slurries.

Bioresource Tech 99:1972-1980.  Effects of Cycle Frequency and Temperature on the Performance of Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactors (ASBRs) Treating Swine Waste.  

Trans ASABE 53(2):529-536.  Sludge Accumulation in Two Facultative/Anaerobic Lagoons Treating Swine Manure from Breeding Farms in Oklahoma.

Trans ASABE 57(5):1473-1472.  Operation and Performance of a Farm-Scale Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor Treating Dilute Swine Manure.


Newsletters and Magazines

OK Pork Pages  OK Pork Partner (Oklahoma Pork Council Magazines)

 Vol12(5)5: The Potential Energy of Oklahoma Hogs

Vol13(4):4:  Digester at OSU is Up and Running after a Successful "Cold Start"

Vol13(5):4: On-Farm Energy Production Unlikely to Reduce Manure Fertilizer Value

Vol14(1):4: Preparing for Lagoon Turnover

Vol14(2):4: Oklahoma Lagoon Sludge Study Released.

Vol14(3):4 Lagoon Management through the Water Year

Vol14(4):8 Two Essentials to Control Odors in Buildings: Pull Pits and Keep Hogs Clean.

Vol15(1):9  Why Do We Add Water to Flush Hog Buildings?

Vol15(2):14 Revised Lagoon Standard Decreases Sludge Storage Requirement

Vol 15(3):14  Maintaining Biofilters during Drought

Vol 12(4):4   Struvite -  It's a blessing, and a curse 

Vol 13(1):  Greener finishing barns could reduce emissions and add to the bottom line

Vol 13 (2):     Pollution Prevention begins on the farm

Vol 13 (3):     Energy Flows and Materials Circulate

Vol 13 (4):     Yes You Can Produce Biogas from Swine Manure!

Vol 14 (1):5  EPA is Requesting Comments from Farmers on CAFO Regulations

Vol 14 (2):5  Red, Green, or Black: What Color is Your Lagoon?

Vol 14 (4) :5 How Can a Liquid Be a Solid?  Don't Keep Me in Suspense

Vol 15 (1):5  Particle Size Distribution -- Not all that hits the fan sticks to the screen

Vol 15 (3):5 Keep Manure out of the Creek and Thousands of Fish Will Call You Friend.

Engineering Success (OSU BAE Extension Newsletter)

 Vol1(1):3  Energy from Biomass: the Case for Anaerobic Digestion

Vol2(2):4 Better Data Leads to Revised Lagoon Standard  

Vol3(1):2 Understanding Manure Handling Systems

Evironmental Quality and Waste Management Update

Vol1(2):1: Manure has Value as Energy and Fertilizer - Surprize! Surprize! Surprize!


 The Sidewinder -- an improved lagoon sampler. ASABE Paper 94-4064

Sun Grant Initiative Feedstocks Workshop Report (pages 37-44): Agricultural Industries By-Products

Solutions to Five Manure Problems (by Karen McMahon, National Hog Farmer, 1998)

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