Waste Management Engineering, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service



Materials Handling

What is a  waste management system?

Solids content of wastewater and manure

Particle size distribution of manure and byproduct slurries

Consistency of manure/water mixtures

Organic matter content of wastewater and manure

Solids separation in swine manure handling systems

Lagoon Treatment

Lagoons for livestock waste treatment

Recycling Lagoon Water for Manure Flushing Systems (Charlie Fulhage, Missouri Extension)

Anaerobic Digestion 

Understanding basic anaerobic processes

Types of digesters

Methane production potential of manure and organic byproducts

Toxic and Inhibitory Materials

Biogas Utilization and Clean-up

Environmental benefits of digestion

What every pork producer  should know about anaerobic digestion

Solid State Anaerobic Digestion

Composting and Vermicomposting

Horse farm composting

Home composting

The Icebox Test: a simple method to determine compost stability

On-farm mortality composting

 Vermicomposting -- Composting with Worms

The Basics of vermicomposting

Controlling Farmstead Odors

Basic odor control strategies

Movement of odors across the landscape

Biofilters for Odor Control (Minnesota Extension)

Biofilter Design Inforamation (Minnesota Extension)

Manure Nutrient Use as Fertilizer

How to get a good soil sample

How to get a good manure sample

Oklahoma soil test interpretation

Calculating the fertilizer value of manure

Fertilizer nutrients in manure

Builidng soil organic matter

Organic matter in No-Till

Managing phosphorus from animal manure

Using lagoon effluent as fertilizer

Using stockpiled feedlot manure as fertilizer

Using poultry litter as fertilizer

Nutrient values of poultry litter

Forages for nutrient removal

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